Best training and coaching I have ever had!

“I have tried many Internet businesses and just with the coaching from MY ECOM Club I know I have a winner!…I currently work 3 jobs and only have off 4 days a month. So I am working with [MyEcomClub] in between my jobs! And I love it! The training…and coaching…has been the best I have ever had!”

Nanci B

You can’t fail

“…you can’t fail with [your advisor’s] help.”

Josie Coak

I was skeptical

They don’t just tell you what to do, they tell you to step by step exactly how to do it. I’m new to My Ecom Club and when I joined I was very skeptical. But with the help and encouragement from my coach Raphael I can see that this is real and this will work.”

Dale Bukovcan

The real deal

Today was the day I have been waiting for. I get to talk one on one with my coach! This guy that I have just met on the phone really cares about my success. Not like so many other places I have been online where they were trying to hustle me, or fast talk me…this guy is the real deal, and I know if I stick to him like his shadow I’m going to be successful. I really feel like I finally turned that corner that I just could not get around for some reason. I feel like I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that I am going to make it this time, finally!! If you’re on the fence, just not sure which way to turn, go no further, “YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE”.

David C. Weber

My advisor is amazing!

“I am a single mom of two girls. Nick is my coach and he is amazing. He’s super friendly and helpful and is very easy to talk to. I’m very excited to get on my way and be able to be home with my girls!”

Megan Clarke

It’s real and it’s possible

“Before knowing Teo 3 months ago, I was at $200/mo. After knowing Teo, I’m averaging $1 – 2K/month…it’s real and it’s possible!”


Next goal: $1 million!!!

“…I told you I was going to be one of your $100k students. That was my goal! Today I made $100,255.05. Next goal…$1million!!! Starting my own business has always been my dream and you’ve helped make that a reality for me!”

Jimmy O

$40k in sales in 2 months

“$40k in sales in 2 months…I heard when I joined that most ppl are making $500
– $1000 a day. I thought it’d be so far away for me…little did I know if I pushed myself every day to make progress and implement everything Teo taught me…that I’d get there so quick!”


$537.70 after only 6 days

“Have had the store running for only 6 days and it’s doing great! Total sales: $537.70.”


$100K in 4 ½ months!!

“Teo!!! I hit $100K Today OMG!! In 4 ½ Months!! All thanks to you and all of the
AWESOME content that you have put together”


“$0 – $55k in 1.5 months all thanks to this mastermind!”


“We used your strategy. $0 – $200 per day in 7 days.”

Niran Frenkel

“Hit 10K last month…going for $50K this month!! I want $10K in NET profits for september and I know with absolute certainty that it will happen !! Thank you!”

Mike Filev

*Disclaimer: Please do not assume these results are typical or guaranteed. Your background, education, effort, and experience will affect your success. Any earnings shown are examples and are not guarantees of income. Your results will vary. We are here to help you every step of the way.